Unlocking the Power of Sei Ecosystem for Web3+AI Founders

Explore Workshop #1: Dive into the AI + Web3 Pitch Competition's Foundation. Explore Sei's Ecosystem, AI Integration, and the Path to a Decentralized Future.
Lucy M.


Welcome to the exciting recap of Workshop #1: “Unlocking the Power of Sei Ecosystem: A Comprehensive Guide for Web3+AI Founders,” hosted by KJ, Partner at OnePiece Labs. In this insightful session, Graham Ferguson, Head of Growth at Sei, shared valuable insights about the remarkable synergy between Web3 and AI and the immense potential it holds for founders in the crypto space. Let’s dive in and discover the key takeaways from this engaging workshop.

Sei Ecosystem: The Ideal Infrastructure for Web3 Founders

Sei, a trailblazing platform, has revolutionized every layer of the stack, establishing itself as the go-to infrastructure for trading apps, exchanges, and more within the Web3 space. Backed by an impressive $30 million raised from top investors, Sei boasts around 150 teams actively building and innovating within its ecosystem. From DeFi decks to NFT marketplaces and gaming economies, Sei provides an optimal environment for ambitious founders to create and grow their ventures.

Sei: A True Partner in Crypto

As a testament to their dedication to fostering innovation, Sei offers a remarkable $120 million ecosystem fund, serving as a publisher and marketing partner for the most promising teams in the crypto landscape. With a strong commitment to supporting builders, Sei provides invaluable resources, connections, and guidance to help founders thrive in their endeavors.

Celebrating Achievements and Momentum

During the workshop, Graham Ferguson proudly highlighted some of Sei’s notable achievements. Notably, the groundbreaking work conducted by Sei’s core engineering team has propelled the growth of the Sei ecosystem. With an impressive user base of 6.4 million unique wallet addresses and over 210 million transactions, Sei has garnered significant traction and cemented its position as a leader in the Web3 domain.

The Confluence of Web3 and AI: A Path to Seamless User Experiences

Graham Ferguson delved into the fascinating realm of Web3 and AI, emphasizing the rapid progress of AI technology and its profound impact on user acquisition and marketing trends. By harnessing AI, user experiences can be optimized, leveraging idle data to provide seamless interactions and unlock valuable insights. The potential for AI-driven help desks, FAQ centers, and trading bots that incentivize user contributions and reward valuable strategies is immense, setting the stage for the future of community-oriented experiences within the Sei ecosystem.

AI + Web3 Pitch Competition: Shaping the Future of Crypto

To spark creativity and innovation among participants, Sei and OnePiece Labs have teamed up to host an exciting AI + Web3 Pitch Competition. The competition invites individuals to submit their groundbreaking ideas that leverage the power of Web3 and AI to enhance user experiences, drive education, foster community growth, and more. Whether you have a fully developed product or a well-articulated idea presented in just five slides, your contribution can make a significant impact on the intersection of Web3 and AI. Don’t miss this chance to shape the future of crypto and stand a chance to win exciting rewards.

Conclusion: Seizing the Opportunity for a Decentralized Future

The AI + Web3 Pitch Competition is not limited to fully developed products, as even the most innovative ideas can reshape the decentralized landscape. By participating, you have the opportunity to contribute to the fusion of Web3 and AI, showcasing your vision for a better future. Join us now and become a catalyst for change in the world of crypto. Register for the AI + Web3 Pitch Competition and let’s unlock the immense potential of the Sei ecosystem together, shaping the decentralized future we envision.