We provide seed funding, incubation, and invaluable community networks and resources to support founders building the decentralized Web3 future.

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Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a creative thinker, or an ambitious problem-solver, we have the perfect platform to nurture your ideas and turn them into reality

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>/Native Connection

At OPL, we bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and the broader web3 ecosystem. Our robust relationships with Layer 1 networks, exchanges, market makers, and investors set us apart. As part of OPL, you'll find yourself instantly connected to these major players, reducing time-to-market and accelerating your growth in the web3 space.

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>/Partner Meetings

We care deeply about our portfolio companies and understand that each has unique challenges and needs. To that end, our dedicated team engages in daily conversations with our founders, providing bespoke solutions to their individual problems. We believe that this close, constant communication is crucial in guiding startups to success.

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>/Mentor Network

At OPL, we understand the value of expert advice. We have developed a diverse network of industry experts who are on hand to provide insights and guidance on various topics throughout your journey. Furthermore, we facilitate private mentor-founder meetings, ensuring you receive personalized advice tailored to your needs.

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>/OPL Family Forever

Our support doesn’t end on graduation day. Joining OPL means becoming part of an active, supportive alumni association that includes graduates from both our venture fund and incubator. We continue to engage with and support our alumni, fostering a strong network that keeps on giving long after the program ends.


OnePiece Labs and Sei Incubator Batch 3

Batch #4 - 0G

At OPL x 0G incubator, we specialize in AI Native and AI Supportive dApps. Our mission is to scout and collaborate with the most dedicated and entrepreneurial Web3 founders. We are excited about the potential to develop groundbreaking dApps that will drive true mass adoption in the Web3 world. Join us and be part of shaping the future of technology. Read the full announcement HERE.

OnePiece Labs and Sei Incubator Batch 3

Batch #5 - Bitcoin Runes

OnePiece Labs' Bitcoin Runes Incubator is expertly designed to scout and elevate early-stage Runes projects that operate within key verticals, with the goal of transforming the Bitcoin ecosystem through the Runes Protocol. Participants in the incubator will receive comprehensive support from each cohost, accessing essential resources that catalyze growth and innovation. Additionally, the incubator acts as a launchpad, empowering emerging projects to overcome typical entry barriers such as nascent infrastructure, limited domain expertise, and financial constraints, thereby enabling their transition into blockchain-enabled enterprises. Read the full announcement HERE.


OnePiece Labs Pitch Dojo Web3 Pitch Competition

OPL Pitch Dojo

Pitch Dojo is a series of Pitch Events dedicated to Web3, on the LAST Thursday each month starting from July 2023. At every event, we carefully select 5-10 teams to present their Web3 products on our platform. The winning team will receive a $1,000 cash prize for their outstanding pitches and have the opportunity to join our Twitter Space for a shoutout.

OnePiece Labs hosted Web3 Hackathons


Welcome to OnePieceCon (OPC), your quarterly passport to the dynamic world of Web3 innovations. Our half-day conference series, organized by OnePiece Labs, serves as a hub for blockchain enthusiasts and thought leaders alike.  Covering a spectrum of topics beyond the basics—ranging from blockchain identity and NFTs to smart contracts—we dive into every facet of Web3. What sets OPC apart is our commitment to presenting a holistic view of the digital landscape.  We consistently bring in top industry experts as speakers, ensuring you receive firsthand knowledge across the diverse realms of Web3.

OnePiece Labs hosted Web3 Hackathons

OKX University TOURS

We're excited to announce OKX Web3's upcoming series of university tours, spanning from the West Coast to the East Coast, aimed at bringing the knowledge of Web3 directly to campuses nationwide. From March 13th to April 20th, we'll collaborate with top-tier Web3 partners and blockchain clubs at 10 universities to discuss the future opportunities in the Web3 industry, including job prospects with OKX and other giants. These tours will empower students by showcasing the transformative potential of Web3 and facilitating connections between academia and industry, ensuring they're equipped for success in this rapidly evolving field.

OnePiece Labs hosted Web3 Hackathons

OPL Hackathon

This is a series of hackathons powered by OnePiece Labs. Our goal is to bring together the best Web3 developers to co-create and bring to life their wildest ideas. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your journey, we invite you to come and explore the limitless possibilities of what can be achieved when we come together and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Prize pools of our past hackathons have reached more than $1,000,000 USD in tokens and credits. So grab your laptops, sharpen your skills, and get ready to hack your way to the future! *Next Hackathon TBD*

OnePiece Labs hosted afterparty

OPL Afterparty

OnePiece Labs throws the top-notch afterparties for Web3 events. Our goal is to offer genuine networking experiences for VCs, entrepreneurs, developers, and the brightest minds in Web3. We’ve marked our presence at events like DCMiami, Art Basel, ETHDenver, Consensus, Stanford Blockchain Conference, and Permissionless. Don’t miss out on our upcoming afterparties! *Next Afterparty TBD*

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"OnePiece Labs was a game-changer for Libation Labs. They offered us invaluable connections, daily support, enduring community ties, and expert mentors - a tailored, comprehensive approach to success.”

- Andrew Allison, Founder@Libation Labs

“Not only did KJ write us first check, through his connections and advice he driving factor is us raising our seed round. I would recommend including him in your round.”

- Jack He, Founder@Aspecta.ai

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OPL Team

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Head of Pitch Dojo

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Incubator Manager

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How OPL is different from other programs?

Industry Partner Themes: Each batch is themed with an industry partner, offering unique advantages and insights to our founders.

Individual Focus: We prioritize private meetings with OPL partners and mentors, understanding that each founder's challenges are unique as they build their products.

Large Offline Community: We grant access to one of the largest web3 offline communities in the SF Bay area, creating opportunities for networking and collaboration.


Does the program provide funding?

While the Incubator Program does not directly provide funding, it offers significant opportunities to support founders financially in several ways:

Grant Support: The program co-host provides grants to each batch's portfolios, offering initial financial support to kickstart your venture.

Investor Network Access: We connect founders with our expansive investor network, facilitating potential funding opportunities.

Association with OnePiece Ventures: Our incubator program has strong ties to OnePiece Ventures, our VC arm. This association could present potential funding prospects, though it's important to note that funding is not guaranteed.


Do you have to have revenue?

Revenue is a good signal for your startup but it is not the only factor we look at. We work with founders at all stages.


Is there a Demo Day?

Yes, we will host an online demo day by the end of the batch.


Can I become an Mentor?

Yes, we are looking for Mentors. Please contact us and let us know how you could provide deep value to startups.

📧 partners@onepiecelabs.xyz


I am an Investor. Can I refer my portfolio companies?

Yes, we are open to referrals from other investors.


Do I have to be in the Bay Area?

Not really. You could join us online. However, we highly suggest you to join our offline social event at least one time during the program.


How many team members can participate?

We are setup to host 2 team members per project. If you would like to include more please reach out to us.


Can later stage startups apply?

Yes, we are open to later stage startups and can discuss specific terms.


Can I submit two startups?

If you have two startups you are working on we strongly recommend you only submit the best one.


Do we have to be a US company?


Last but not least, Check out our previous batches

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