The Future of Web3: Uniting Communities for a Decentralized Future

Web3 Unites Experts: AI, Investments, Startups, & Vision for Decentralization!
Lucy M.


Community lies at the core of OnePiece Labs' vision. We are dedicated to organizing impactful events and collaborating with like-minded partners who share our enthusiasm for Web3, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology. Our latest venture saw us joining forces with Orbis86 to co-host the "The Future of Web3" event, generously sponsored by Hedera. This event brought together brilliant minds and industry experts, all sharing a common vision for a decentralized future.

Diverse Lineup of Speakers and Panelists

The event began with a Fireside Chat titled "The Future of Web3 and AI," featuring Jayendra Jog, Co-Founder of Sei, and Soniya Ahuja, Founder & CEO of Orbis86. They delved deep into Sei's innovative approach to trading, Twin-Turbo consensus, and its plans for incorporating AI into the Web3 ecosystem. This conversation was nothing short of enlightening for builders, investors, and anyone interested in the future of blockchain technology and Web3 ecosystems.

The Future of Web3 and AI with Jayendra Jog and Soniya Ahuja

A panel discussion, "The Future of Web3 Enterprises," brought together a group of distinguished speakers: Tony Rose, Head of Product at IOHK (Cardano); Kaimin Hu, Chief Business Officer at Bitmart; Matthew Geddes, SVP at Verasatu;, Nischal Belthan, Head of Product at Metajuice; and Linglong Zhu, Co-founder & CTO of Blockus.

Together, they delved into topics such as AI integration, cross-chain interoperability, DeFi, and the ever-important issues of scalability, privacy, and security.

The valuable perspectives shared during the discussion shed light on the dynamic convergence of AI and Web3, unveiling the strategic directions these trailblazing entities envision for the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape.

The Future of Web3 Enterprises with Tony Rose, Kaimin Hu, Matthew Geddes, Nischal Belthan & Linglong Zhu

Another engaging panel, "The Future of Web3 Investments," featured executives from leading crypto exchanges, Layer 1 chains, and top Web3 VC firms. Kent Makishima, Head of Product at the Hashgraph Association; KJ, Partner at OnePiece Labs; Anitha Vadavatha, Venture Partner at Full Stack VC; David Gan, Founder & GP at OP Crypto; and Alejandra Corbella Obregon, SF Community Lead at Banyan Collective (NEAR Ecosystem), delved into the current regulatory scenarios.

They also explored cutting-edge technologies like AI and blockchain. Additionally, they discussed emerging trends in Web3 investments. The collective knowledge and perspectives they offered presented a comprehensive view of deploying venture funds and grants, providing forward-thinking guidance for builders navigating the evolving landscape of Web3 investments.

The Future of Web3 Investments with ​Kent Makishima, KJ, ​Anitha Vadavatha, ​David Gan, and Alejandra Corbella Obregon

Startup Demos

The event also featured three fantastic Web3 startups - Blockus, Metajuice, and Blocksee - who demonstrated their innovative contributions to the Web3 ecosystem.

These presentations offered a glimpse into the creative potential of the blockchain world.

Networking Mixer

Beyond the insightful discussions and presentations, the event included a networking mixer. This provided the perfect setting for professionals to connect and learn from one another.

The networking session allowed attendees to expand their networks, fostering new collaborations and enhancing the growth and potential of the Web3 community.


Community has always been at the heart of OnePiece Labs' vision, and the collaboration with Orbis86 for "The Future of Web3" event exemplified our commitment to uniting communities for a decentralized future. This event was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

The diverse lineup of speakers and panelists provided valuable insights into the future of Web3, AI integration, and blockchain technology.

The event's startup demos showcased the innovative potential of the Web3 ecosystem, and the networking mixer fostered valuable connections among professionals.

The future of Web3 is brighter than ever, and this event was a significant step in the journey towards a decentralized and interconnected digital future.

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