Pitch Dojo Recap #SEPT2023

The September Pitch Dojo at San Francisco's House of Web3 was a success, with Gold Hive winning for its innovative Spotify rewards. Web3's future is bright!
Zoe Zhao

We are thrilled to share our September Pitch Dojo event, held at the prestigious House of Web3 in San Francisco. The success of this event was made possible through the incredible support and assistance provided by our gracious partners, the House of Web3 team, OffChain, UpHonest Scouts, and Angel Launch. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to them for their unwavering support.

Also, our event would not have been complete without the expertise and dedication of our esteemed judges:

Kevin L | Operations at Sei Labs: Kevin is instrumental in supporting startup ventures on the fastest open-source layer 1 blockchain, Sei, contributing significantly to their success.

Elva Y | Investor at OnePiece Labs: Elva specializes in Web3 sectors and assists startup companies in devising strategies for success.

Winner Announcement

Congratulations to Gold Hive, the champion of Pitch Dojo #SEPT2023! They offer innovative rewards to Spotify streamers, all based on their listening activity, inspiring artists to craft special connections with their fans. What a surprise! A huge shoutout to Gold Hive for winning both the Championship and the Audience's Favorite award – double congrats!

Here's a closer look at the remarkable work of the other Four pioneering teams in the Web3 space:


exaBITS is revolutionizing AI by creating a global computing network, making AI training and deployment more affordable and accessible.

Lucia Protocol

Lucia is a lending and borrowing protocol, supports undercollateralized loans, and allows users to make real-world payments with a virtual credit card.

Solon Labs

Solon Labs is completely reimagining how users interact with the web.

Nexity Network

Nexity Network is revolutionizing supply chains through blockchain, circularity, transparency, and increased productivity across various industries.

Open Mic

In addition to pitching, we introduced a new and exciting element to this event - the Open Mic session. It was heartening to see everyone enthusiastically participating, with four additional entrepreneurs taking the stage to showcase their projects. The response was overwhelming, and it reaffirmed our commitment to keeping Open Mic a permanent feature of Pitch Dojo. We aim to encourage even more individuals to join our thriving Pitch Dojo community in the future.

Jason Gilbert introduces TV Feeder, a decentralized smart TV service with live streaming and decentralized advertising capabilities. His recent contributions to the project are well-received.

Manny L.introduces himself as the founder of Karafan, a platform for street vendors' regulatory compliance in San Francisco. He offers location listings, application packets, pricing, and timelines. Assistance and support are available upon request.

Liat Portal, a startup business developer, presents "Education through Entertainment," a project blending fantasy with real history and science to educate. They've released three episodes and invite the audience to join for $1.

Anthony Bianconi and partner Miguel Sloboda, local environmental artists, aim to blend art with practicality using technology for versatile installations in museums, cafes, and stores, bridging art and functionality.

Resilience Amid Challenges

Despite the challenges posed by the bear market, the passion and enthusiasm displayed by our participants and attendees for advancing the Web3 industry and community were truly inspiring. This event serves as a testament to the resilience and dedication of all those involved, reinforcing our commitment to building a vibrant Web3 ecosystem.

Our commitment to fostering innovation remains unwavering. Pitch Dojo will continue to be a monthly event, taking place on the last Thursday of each month, starting from July 2023. We aim to provide a platform for promising Web3 teams to present their projects to a wider audience.

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to everyone who participated, attended, and supported our September event. Your continued enthusiasm and dedication to the Web3 industry inspire us to keep pushing the boundaries of innovation. We eagerly anticipate your presence for Pitch Dojo #OCT2023, where we will continue to celebrate the spirit of collaboration and growth in the Web3 community. Together, we are shaping the future of Web3!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Palo Alto this October for our Pitch Dojo#OCT2023! 💼

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