Pitch Dojo Recap #JUL2023

OnePiece Labs' debut event, Pitch Dojo #JUL2023 in Palo Alto, featured six diverse teams presenting innovative Web3 projects, with SmartFunds winning.
Elva Yu

Greetings, OPL Frens!

Hey everyone, I’m thrilled to share that we just had our first Pitch Dojo yesterday in Palo Alto, and it was a blast! We had a whopping 190 sign-ups and witnessed 6 impressive team presentations that left the venue buzzing with high-energy Web3 enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit. We had an online and offline audience from all over the world, including Ukraine, London, Dubai, and more. It’s incredible to see such diverse participation and global interest in our event! Looking forward to the next one!

Our judges, representing incubators, funds, DAOs, and law firms, were truly impressed, and they provided each team with fantastic feedback on their business models and pitches. It’s amazing to see such talent and innovation coming together! Can’t wait for the next one!

Dafu with judges and teams on site

Winner Announcement

Congratulations to JJ Joseph, the co-founder and CEO of SmartFunds, for winning the Pitch Dojo #JUL2023. SmartFunds receives our $1,000 prize for their remarkable pitch on making private markets more liquid and efficient!

JJ, presenting SmartFunds

Company Name: SmartFunds
Company Website: https://smartfunds.xyz/
Brief Introduction: Full stack private markets through tokenized SPVs.
Presenter: JJ, Cofounder & CEO
Presenter’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/0xJJ_

Judges’ Feedback

“I picked the winner because their project resonates with me on a personal level. I’ve had experiences that make me truly appreciate its value. Moreover, the project showcases unique innovation and is legally feasible, which is crucial for long-term success. The streamlined approach shows great potential, and the pitch skills were remarkably sophisticated, anticipating and answering all of my questions before I even had to ask them. While there are similar platforms attempting alternative tradings, the winner’s project stands out with its unique touch. Equity beans cater mostly to individual clients, whereas the winner’s project brings something fresh and distinct. The speaker exudes expertise and their focus on one vertical sets them apart. I can envision its application in various security scenarios.
— Orian, General Partner Of Orange Dao

“I particularly liked JJ’s project, Smart Funds, which introduces security-backed lending by bringing real-world assets onto the blockchain. The lack of real-world use cases is a key reason for the fluctuation of web3 prices, and JJ’s project addresses this issue effectively. By having security and assets on-chain, the potential for expanding the use cases becomes evident. ”
— Richard, Founder of Iterative Ventures

“The reason I chose Smartfunds as the winner is that it stands out as a realistically achievable and impactful project. As a lawyer, I can see the potential in it, especially if the company registers as an alternative trading platform. This adds another layer of feasibility to the project, and overall, the founder seems knowledgeable and capable, which instills confidence in its success.
— Jonathan, Partner of Wilson Sonsini

Event Cap

If you happened to miss the event, no worries! We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive recap. Stay tuned for all the highlights and key moments!

Dafu, a partner at OnePiece Labs, leads the pitch dojo event with charisma and enthusiasm.
Jason, Managing Partner of Multiverse, extends a warm welcome to all participants, embarking on a journey into the realm of a global entrepreneurship ecosystem and consultancy.

Let us now introduce the rest of the five excellent teams who have also achieved impressively high scores! Each team brought their A-game, making the competition fierce and exciting. Get ready to be amazed by their incredible innovations and outstanding presentations!

Meet the pioneering team of BuildBear Labs, led by co-founder Dipesh Sukhani, as they revolutionize the web3 landscape with their cutting-edge platform for comprehensive end-to-end testing of Web3 Applications.
Jerry Chien, CEO and co-founder of Gravvity, introduces a game-changing 3D version of Shopify, featuring a no-code, self-serve 3D shop for a revolutionary shopping experience.
Meet Kim Hoang, the CEO of Perkable, a decentralized marketplace for local businesses, leveraging web3 technology to directly promote offers to events and sports fans nearby.
Meet Eric Wong, the CTO of Dexilla, pioneering an Orderbook DEX with a revolutionary matching engine that sets a new standard for lightning-fast and secure crypto trading.
Oleksi Vynogradov, Founder of OpenBiSea, presents an innovative game where wearing NFT sneakers and exploring your city’s routes allows you to earn money and embrace a healthy lifestyle.
The OPL team exudes warm hospitality and enthusiastic engagement as they welcome and interact with the event attendants.

Event Feedback

“I find this Pitch Dojo event to be fantastic, and I’ve seen many interesting projects here. My current interest lies in the intersection of web3 and AI, and I’m intrigued by companies that utilize these technologies to solve real-world problems. The concepts of smart contract orchestrating models, blocks, and automation, along with generative AI creating credentials on the chain, excite me greatly.”
— Richard, Founder of Iterative Ventures

“It was a night of inspiration at our recent Pitch Dojo event, held during these bear market times. The turnout of entrepreneurs and investors was a testament to the unwavering belief in decentralization. Most notably, it was exciting to see many builders focusing on infrastructure projects, highlighting the importance of foundational innovation for the future of web3 technologies. Moving forward, we’re committed to holding our Pitch Dojo event on a monthly basis. This will provide a platform for the OPL community’s entrepreneurs to share their groundbreaking ideas, receive feedback, and connect with forward-thinking investors. Our dedication to these events mirrors our commitment to the growth and evolution of the web3 space, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings.”
— KJ, Partner of OnePiece Labs

“While technology holds significance, equally important is a solid go-to-market strategy. For B2C ventures, placing a strong focus on community-building and optimizing token economics can be game-changers.”
— Dafu, Partner of OnePiece Labs

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the teams, judges, community partners, and participants for making this vibrant event possible, and we eagerly anticipate reconnecting with you all and fostering even more promising projects in the future.