Pitch Dojo Recap #AUG2023

The Second Pitch Dojo in Palo Alto Followed by Stanford Blockchain Afterparty🚀🔥 🌟
Elva Yu

Greetings, OPL Frens!

I’m excited to share that our second Pitch Dojo in Palo Alto was a huge success! We had 200+ signups and enjoyed 5 impressive team presentations that ignited Web3's enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit. Our esteemed panel of judges featured Serafund (the Limited Partner for Pantera Capital and other prominent crypto funds), along with OKX, OffChain, and PingCAP. We had a global online and offline audience, with participants from Hong Kong, Canada, London, Dubai, and more. After the Pitch Dojo, 600+ people attended our Stanford Blockchain Afterparty at Multiverse.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in San Francisco this September for our Pitch Dojo#SEPT2023! 💼
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Pitch Dojo #AUG2023 Winner Announcement

🎉Congrats to Versatus, the $1,000 winners of Pitch Dojo #AUG2023! Their modular compute stack empowers language-agnostic smart contracts on Layer 1.

Andrew Smith, Founder of Versatus, presenting Versatus

Company Name: Versatus Labs
Company Website: https://versatus.io/
Presenter: Andrew Smith, Founder
Brief Introduction: Decentralized, modular compute stack. Empowering devs with familiar tools for composable, language-agnostic smart contracts. 69% of 12M+ backend devs keen on web3. Only 30k currently building, but we’ll activate the 95% with no time to learn new tools. This opens a floodgate of web3 apps!

Judges’ Feedback

“I have opted for this Layer 1 solution because we’re poised for the next wave of mass adoption. Learning Solidity and Rust can be quite challenging, but having Versatus in the mix makes this transition smoother. ”
— Anthony, Founding Partner at Serafund
“Impressive presenter and teams. The real-world use case was exceptionally intriguing, particularly the concept of donations through blockchain — an aspect I hadn’t previously considered. The discussion around its controversial and disruptive nature added an extra layer of interest. ”
— Andrew, Managing Partner at Serafund
“I’m absolutely loving the energy in this space, witnessing everyone fully engaged with the presentations and teams. Versatus provides developers with a smooth transition from web2 to the dynamic world of web3, opening up a world of possibilities.”
— Mathew, Senior Solutions Engineer at PingCAP
“As someone who runs tech communities myself, I’m impressed by OnePiece Labs’ efforts in bringing together communities and showcasing brilliant projects on this platform."
— Ken, Co-Founder of OffChain San Francisco

Event Cap

Let us now introduce the rest of the four excellent teams who have also achieved impressively high scores! Each team brought their A-game, making the competition fierce and exciting. 👏

​​1. CornerMarket, a Web3 commerce hub that unites local businesses and consumers, offering deals and cutting transaction and marketing costs.

​​2. Indicia Labs, a crypto intelligence platform democratizing hedge fund profits, letting users monetize sentiment via AI & DeFi.

​​​​3. AIDONIC LTD, empowers NGOs and governments with blockchain for seamless impact tracking, global humanitarian cash delivery, and data management to transform aid distribution and create a positive impact.

4. Kaladin, it is building a trustless cross-chain infrastructure for cryptocurrency swaps and transfers.

SBC Afterparty hosted by OnePiece Labs

After the exhilarating Pitch Dojo event, we had more Web3 enthusiasts join us at our Stanford Blockchain Afterparty. Here, attendees embarked on a lively journey through various venues in Palo Alto, forging invaluable connections, enjoying themselves, and exchanging profound insights on the latest blockchain technology and trends.

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We took pride in providing a vibrant space for people to come together, revel in each other’s company, and enrich their knowledge through mutual learning and enjoyment. We extend our special thanks to our venue sponsor Multiverse, Media Partner Cointime, Community Partner OffChain, Angel Launch, and UpHonest Scouts for their invaluable support.

Also, our heartfelt gratitude goes to all the teams, judges, and participants for making Pitch Dojo events possible, and we eagerly anticipate reconnecting with you all and fostering even more promising projects in the future.

This month, we’re thrilled to announce Pitch Dojo #SEPT 2023 at the House Of Web3 in San Francisco. Please find the details and sign up through the links provided below.

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