Pitch Dojo #OCT2023 Recap

The excitement reaches new heights as we gear up for our #OCT Pitch Dojo, a testament to the Web3 community's growing enthusiasm and engagement.
Zoe Zhao

Celebrating Innovation

Excitement reaches new heights as we gear up for our #OCT Pitch Dojo, a testament to the Web3 community's growing enthusiasm and engagement. We are thrilled to showcase the standout moments from our October Pitch Dojo event, an exciting component of our evolving legacy of celebrating innovation in the Web3 space. This month's event was held at Menlo Park, made possible through the generous support of our valued sponsor——Lark.

Announcing the Winner

The spotlight of the event shone brightly on Arda Erturk from Bonfire, the champion of Pitch Dojo #OCT2023.

Bonfire stands at the forefront of decentralized communities, offering custom AI chatbots that streamline operations and enhance member interactions. Their innovative solution addresses critical challenges in these communities, such as information dispersion and the need for community-specific AI tools.

Congratulations to Bonfire for their outstanding performance!

In addition, we are delighted to congratulate Niveda from Nume, the recipient of the Audience's Favorite Award. Nume's groundbreaking efforts in addressing Ethereum's scalability challenges have earned them not only our admiration but also the appreciation of the audience.

Gratitude to Our Supporters

This month, we are privileged to have Lark as our co-host, making our event even more exceptional. Lark is the best collaboration platform for global teams. Lark enables you to manage your team, data, and workflows in a single place with advanced language translation and global communication features. Visit this page to learn more about how Lark can help your team and to redeem OnePiece Labs' exclusive discount code.

We also extend our sincere gratitude to our dedicated partners, including OffChain, Foresight News, and Cointime for their invaluable contributions. Their unwavering support was instrumental in ensuring the success of this event.

Thanks to Our Judges

Our esteemed panel of judges brought their extensive knowledge and expertise to the event, providing valuable insights to our participants:

Roy L - Partner at LongHash Ventures. Roy with a background in venture capital, product management, and an MBA from Stanford, is actively involved in researching and investing in a blockchain-driven future.

"The energy was palpable, reminiscent of a bull market with the feel of a 500-person attendance. I was consistently surprised by the founders: from innovative payment solutions in Nigeria using existing infrastructure, to the intersection of AI and web3, and unique layer 2 approaches with current hardware. Every project had its distinct edge. My vote went to Bonfire, given their impressive background, clear and articulate pitch, and evident market potential. Their thoughtfulness stood out." - Roy

Anurag R - Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn

Anurag works as a Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn. He is currently the Tech Lead for LinkedIn Learning's search and recommendation experiences.

"The energy in the blockchain sector is incredibly vibrant and positive. I'm particularly impressed with the team focusing on the decentralization of scientific data research. Their deep understanding of the issue is evident, and their unique approach has the potential to significantly impact academia." - Anurag

Alice L - Investment Manager at Foresight Ventures

Alice is focusing on consumer crypto, gamefi and social media.

Exploring Pioneering Teams

This month's event featured a diverse lineup of teams in the Web3 space, each making strides in their respective domains:

​1. Vinod A Shintre from AeroLift.AI
A simplifies & enables businesses to launch GenAI apps on private data with no code.

2. Dancharles Okoto from Gimme
Provides seamless microtransaction payments for 168+ University campuses across Nigeria.

3. Viktoriia Miracl from Cheelee
GameFi short video content platform where everyone can be rewarded for the time that they spend on it. 

4. Lisa JY Tan from Orus
A self-service software for on-chain protocols to manage user acquisition and retention through economic incentives.

5. Timofey Glinin from First Approval
A highly secure decentralized scientific raw data publication platform with benefits for researchers.

Open Mic: A Thriving Section

Open Mic added a dynamic dimension to the event. This platform provided emerging entrepreneurs with the opportunity to showcase their projects, and the enthusiastic response underscored our commitment to establishing Open Mic as a permanent fixture of Pitch Dojo.

Continuing the Journey 

Amid market challenges, the unwavering passion and commitment of our participants and attendees at the event stand as a testament to the resilience that fuels the growth of the vibrant Web3 ecosystem.

As we move forward, our dedication to nurturing innovation remains steadfast. Pitch Dojo's monthly gatherings are integral to the growth of the Web3 community. We express our heartfelt gratitude to all who joined, attended, and supported our October event, and we eagerly anticipate your presence at Pitch Dojo #NOV2023, our final edition this year.

See you in San Francisco this November 16th for Pitch Dojo #NOV2023!

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