Dive into the thrilling world of Web3 innovation with Pitch Dojo Jan 2024 recap, co-hosted by OKX Web3. Discover groundbreaking projects, esteemed judges, and the winning innovation, Nectar.
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Exciting Start to 2024 with Bullish Vibes: A Recap of Pitch Dojo Jan 2024

With bullish energy marking the dawn of 2024, we're thrilled to share the recap of the first Pitch Dojo event of the year. Co-hosted with OKX Web3, this edition of Pitch Dojo brought together the best and brightest in the Web3 community for an evening of innovation and collaboration. OKX Wallet, a multi-chain wallet supporting integration with 80 chains, showcased its versatility in the crypto space, underlining its commitment to supporting diverse blockchain ecosystems.

Pitch Dojo: Empowering Web3 Innovation

Pitch Dojo, a global Web3 pitch event series powered by OnePiece Labs and supported by our esteemed partner network, serves as a platform for emerging startups to showcase their visionary ideas and groundbreaking projects. With a mission to cultivate future Web3 unicorns through networking, mentorship, and resources, OnePiece Labs is dedicated to driving results-driven outcomes and propelling the Web3 ecosystem forward.

The Winning Innovation: Nectar

The absolute winner of Pitch Dojo Jan 2024 was Nectar! Nectar introduced the world to the first Account Abstraction Exchange, merging DEX security with CEX speed and efficiency to revolutionize crypto trading. Eugene Joo delivered an inspiring presentation, highlighting Nectar's promise of low-cost, fast, and secure transactions powered by user-friendly Account Abstraction technology.

Distinguished Judges and Partners

A distinguished panel of judges, comprising seasoned experts in the industry, provided invaluable insights and constructive feedback to the participating teams. Monica Liu, a Product GTM Expert at OKX, brought her expertise in market strategies and trends. Berk Ozer, Senior Venture Partner at Orange DAO, shared insights from the venture capital perspective, offering valuable perspectives on scalability and market viability. Lora Li, an Investor at Taiko Labs, brought financial acumen and a keen eye for promising investment opportunities. Richard Ma, the CTO at Tradin AI Inc, contributed technological expertise and insights into the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence within the crypto space. We express our deepest appreciation to our community and media partners, including OffChain Global, Orbis86, Foresight News, Cointime, and TechFlow, for their unwavering support throughout this event.

Innovative Teams and Inspiring Projects

The event featured a diverse lineup of innovative teams and their visionary projects:

  1. GenoVerse: Daniel Uribe presented a Web3 Bioinformatics Marketplace facilitating private conversations with GenAI about tokenized DNA datasets.
  2. Blocfare: Jonathan Lourie showcased Blocfare, an on-chain platform akin to Poshmark, enabling users to sell directly from their homes.
  3. Ledgity Yield: Pierre-Yves D. presented Ledgity Yield, offering stablecoin holders a scalable treasury management solution backed by Real World Assets (RWA).
  4. Funs.Ai: Keven Lai shared Funs.Ai's mission to empower creators through AIGC technology, embracing NFTs and STO tokens.
  5. WHERE2: Jeff Marshall introduced WHERE2, a platform incentivizing community engagement through Geo-based activities, fostering bonds between businesses, influencers, and communities.
  6. Drooid: Daniel Kalu presented Drooid's endeavor to build decentralized swarm drones using blockchain technology for critical missions.

Engagement and Opportunities

In addition to the main prize, the event featured an "Audience Favorite Award," allowing attendees to vote for their preferred team. An Open Mic session provided a platform for networking and project sharing, while attendees also enjoyed exclusive rewards through the new POAP section.

Looking Ahead: Join Us for the Next Chapter

As we look forward to the future, we invite you to join us for the next installment of Pitch Dojo on Feb 22, 2024. With 5-10 teams set to showcase their Web3 products and a chance to win up to $1,000 cash, the stage is set for another inspiring event.

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Exciting Addition

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Together, let's continue to drive innovation, collaboration, and progress in the dynamic world of Web3 technology.

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