Pitch Dojo APR2024 Recap: Embracing Global Participation in the Remote Era

Pitch Dojo APR2024: Remote & global, heph.ai crowned winner! Trailblazing projects redefine Web3 landscape. Join the innovation journey! #PitchDojoAPR2024
Lucy M.

Amidst the dynamic landscape of Web3 innovation, Pitch Dojo embarked on a new journey, transcending physical boundaries to embrace global participation in its April edition. As the world tuned in remotely, the stage was set for a riveting showcase of groundbreaking projects, insightful conversations, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

Breaking New Grounds: Going Fully Remote

April marked a pivotal moment for Pitch Dojo as it transitioned into a fully remote format, opening its doors to a global audience eager to witness the next wave of Web3 innovation. The decision to go remote underscored Pitch Dojo's commitment to accessibility, inclusivity, and the democratization of knowledge within the decentralized ecosystem.

Celebrating Innovation: Congratulations to heph.ai

The spotlight of Pitch Dojo #APR2024 shines brightly on heph.ai, led by Will Mercer, as they clinched the coveted title of the event's winner. Heph.ai's innovative approach to human-augmented AI garnered acclaim, showcasing the potential to revolutionize AI training and data labeling at unprecedented cost efficiencies. Heartiest congratulations to Will Mercer and the heph.ai team for their remarkable achievement!

Introducing the Dojo Master of the Month

A new addition to the Pitch Dojo experience, the 'Dojo Master-Class,' kicked off with the inaugural Dojo Master of the Month, Ivan Miskovic, CEO of MultiVM. Ivan engaged in a captivating fireside chat with Sensei Calvin Du from Inception Capital, sharing insights and lessons from his journey in building success and fundraising. This insightful conversation illuminated the path for aspiring teams and future builders, setting the stage for the competitive pitches that followed.

MC and Co-Hosts Steering the Event

Guiding the audience through the exhilarating pitches was the dynamic MC, Dafu Gao, Partner from OnePiece Labs. Alongside, Michael Heinrich, Co-Founder & CEO of 0G, and Monica Liu, Web3 Product GTM at OKX, served as Co-Hosts, infusing the event with expertise and energy.

About OKX and 0G Labs

OKX stands as a global cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange, recognized as the second biggest crypto exchange by trading volume, serving over 50 million people worldwide. Beyond its exchange services, OKX Wallet, a decentralized multi-chain wallet, empowers users to access and explore the Web3 world seamlessly.

0G emerges as the pioneer of the First Modular AI chain, commencing with the fastest programmable DA layer for AI dapps. Their innovative approach fosters the development of AI-powered decentralized applications, ushering in a new era of possibilities within the Web3 ecosystem.

Insightful Evaluation by SENSEIs

Pitch Dojo #APR2024 was graced by a panel of esteemed SENSEIs, each bringing unique perspectives and insights to the table:

Their discerning evaluations and feedback provided invaluable guidance to the participating teams, enriching the experience for all involved.

Community and Media Partners

Pitch Dojo #APR2024 owes its success to the invaluable support of esteemed partners within the Web3 ecosystem. Special thanks to OffChain, Orbis86, H3 Entertainment, Angel Launch, and our esteemed media partners Foresight News, Cointime, and TechFlow for their unwavering commitment to nurturing innovation and driving positive change.

Pioneering Pitching Teams

Pitch Dojo #APR2024 showcased a diverse array of pioneering teams, each poised to redefine the Web3 landscape:

  1. PlanX by Yuki Yuan - Onchain Steam, the first omnichain aggregator DEX for GameFi, providing professional intelligence and analysis for traders.
  2. heph.ai by Will Mercer - A human-augmented AI platform leveraging a distributed worker pool to train AI and label data at a fraction of the cost.
  3. Gabby World by Mike Lin - The first GenAI composable game platform, offering an autonomous world for users to generate AI-run dungeons.
  4. Cryfi by Yura Mizin - A marketplace where pro traders can monetize their knowledge right from Telegram, and newbies can earn & learn from blockchain-verified traders.
  5. OyaaPay by Ge Zou - A groundbreaking Web3 Digital Bank merging traditional finance with blockchain and cryptocurrencies, revolutionizing digital finance.
  6. NGPU by Rafael Zeitunian - A decentralized GPU network channeling idle capacity into elastic GPU powerhouses for AI inferencing.
  7. Salsa Valley by Yulia Mazura - Merging Web2 & Web3 in an immersive GameFi & Entertainment ecosystem.

Audience Favorite Project: PlanX

In a testament to its innovation and appeal, PlanX clinched the Audience Favorite Project award, captivating the audience with its vision and potential.

Continuing the Journey

As Pitch Dojo #APR2024 draws to a close, the spirit of innovation continues to thrive within the global Web3 community. We extend our gratitude to all participants, attendees, and supporters for their unwavering dedication and enthusiasm. Together, we are shaping the future of decentralized technology, one breakthrough at a time.

Stay tuned and join us as we embark on this exciting journey of exploration and innovation in the upcoming editions of Pitch Dojo. See you at our next event!

For more information and to join our next event, visit Pitch Dojo MAY2024. Want to pitch your project for a chance to win $1000? Apply here.