Pitch Dojo 2023 Annual Report

A Year of Pioneering Innovation in the Web3 Realm
Zoe Zhao

In the heart of Silicon Valley, OnePiece Labs embarked on an ambitious journey by introducing Pitch Dojo, marking a significant impact on Web3 and entrepreneurship. Quickly gaining recognition in the Bay Area and San Francisco, Pitch Dojo became known for its innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in the Web3 world. Throughout the year, it built a strong community and influenced the future of Web3 with its unique approach and strategic partnerships.

Pitch Dojo is a global Web3 pitch event series supported by a network of top-tier partners. Every month, 5-10 teams present their Web3 projects. The winning team each month receives a $1,000 cash prize and social media exposure. In September, audience voting was introduced, allowing the audience's favorite team to win a cash prize. The events featured engaging pitches, unique projects, and insights from top venture capitalists, contributing to Pitch Dojo's success in its first year.

Cumulative Achievements and Growth

From its first event in July to last November, Pitch Dojo saw an impressive surge of over 180 program applications, indicating growing interest and potential in the Web3 sphere. Each event drew a sizable audience, with over 1000 people registering, highlighting the event's increasing importance and the community's enthusiasm for cutting-edge Web3 projects. Moreover, Pitch Dojo's global appeal was evident, with project registrations spanning from the United States to Canada, Australia, the UK, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, China, Nigeria, Japan, and numerous European and Asian countries. This diverse participation emphasizes Pitch Dojo's significant influence in the global Web3 industry.

The participating teams showed exceptional quality and diversity. Monthly winners, such as SmartFunds, Versatus Labs, Gold Hive, Bonfire, and GoingUP, demonstrated a wide range of innovation in the Web3 sector. Their successes highlight Pitch Dojo's role as a catalyst for emerging technologies and new business models. We plan to enhance our focus in Pitch Dojo by exploring specialized tracks to create a more professional and fair environment.

Significant Partnerships

Pitch Dojo's growth has been significantly boosted by our allies, not just as co-hosts but as critical supporters of our mission. OKX Web3 and OKX Wallet have been especially crucial, helping us expand our reach and strengthen our operations. Lark and LUMO Media Lab have also played a significant role, bringing valuable resources and expertise. The consistent commitment of Off-Chain, The Multiverse, Cointime, Foresightnews, TechFlow, and House of Web3 has supported our journey. In addition to these key partners, we are also fortunate to have a network of strategic allies who continuously stand with us, further fortifying our efforts and extending our impact. Their involvement has provided us with more resources and opened up new opportunities for Pitch Dojo and its community, making us a central hub for innovation.

Judges: A Testament to Expertise and Industry Relevance

A noteworthy aspect of Pitch Dojo's success is the increasing number of experienced and professional judges who have shown eagerness to join and contribute their expertise. These judges, hailing from varied backgrounds in the tech industry, such as Head Tech Companies, Incubators, Funds, DAOs, and Law Firms, have provided invaluable insights, feedback, and guidance to the participating teams. Their involvement has enriched the participants' learning experience, added credibility and prestige to the event, and underscored the event's commitment to quality and industry relevance.

Looking Ahead to a Brighter Future

In just a few short months, Pitch Dojo has transformed from an emerging event into a leading hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, expanding its impact beyond the Bay Area. The year 2023 has been pivotal, characterized by an unwavering commitment to showcasing the potential of Web3 and fostering the growth of emerging entrepreneurs. The featured projects spotlight a diverse range that highlights Pitch Dojo's crucial role in advancing innovative solutions. These projects span various domains, including decentralized AI, Infrastructure, GameFi, DeFi, SocialFi, NFT, and more. The valuable insights from the esteemed panel of judges have significantly contributed to the development of participants and the broader community.

As we approach 2024, Pitch Dojo is on the verge of expanding its influence and enhancing its offerings. The coming year will be marked by even greater dynamism as we continue to connect with a global audience through our international pitch format. We're proud to be an event that welcomes participants from anywhere, allowing people to join online, regardless of location. The global community of Pitch Dojo will grow with more communities, projects, and judges participating, leading to a more prosperous and diverse set of activities. We'll be subdividing tracks to cater to a broader range of interests.

We encourage everyone to register for the Pitch Dojo 2024 as we embark on a journey towards a future defined by innovation, collaboration, and global connectivity. Join us in shaping the next chapter of Web3, where borders fade, ideas flow, and the international community thrives.

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