OnePiece Labs and Sei to Host Web3 Incubator Demo Day on November 6, 2023

Web3 Incubator and VC firm OnePiece Labs, in collaboration with Sei, the fastest Layer 1 blockchain, are thrilled to announce the upcoming virtual Demo Day, scheduled for November 6th, 2023 at 5:30 pm
Elva Yu

Web3 Incubator and VC firm OnePiece Labs (OPL), in collaboration with Sei, the fastest Layer 1 blockchain, are thrilled to announce the upcoming virtual Demo Day, scheduled for November 6th, 2023, at 5:30 pm PT (8:30 pm ET, and November 7th, 2023, 9:30 am BJT). This event will showcase 11 carefully selected startups out of over 200 projects, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of Web3 technology.

The world of Web3 technology is buzzing with anticipation as OnePiece Labs (OPL), a leading Web3 incubator, and Sei, the renowned Layer 1 blockchain, join forces to present an exciting virtual Demo Day on November 6, 2023. This event promises to be a celebration of innovation, entrepreneurship, and the transformative power of Web3 technology.

Key Event Details

Event: OPL x Sei Demo Day

Date: November 6, 2023

Time: 5:30 pm PT (8:30 pm ET, and November 7th, 2023, 9:30 am BJT)

Location: Online (Zoom)

Co-hosted by: OnePiece Labs and Sei

RSVP: https://lu.ma/OPLBDD


  • 5:30 PM - 5:35 PM Opening Remarks by KJ (OPL)
  • 5:35 PM - 6:40 PM Project Presentations
  • 6:40 PM - 6:50 PM Closing Remarks by Jeff (Co-Founder of Sei)

Special guest - Jeff Feng, Co-Founder of Sei, takes the helm as our esteemed guide for the Demo Day's closing segment. With his visionary insights and leadership, we can expect an illuminating conclusion to this groundbreaking event, where the future of Web3 innovation meets the present. Jeff Feng's presence promises to be a highlight, offering unique perspectives on the industry's direction and potential.

  • 6:50 PM - 7:00 PM Closing Remarks by Dafu (OPL)

The Path to Demo Day

As the highly anticipated Demo Day approaches, OnePiece Labs (OPL) and Sei Labs have demonstrated unwavering commitment to nurturing a flourishing Web3 ecosystem. Both organizations share a profound dedication to the community, which stands as the cornerstone of their partnership. Through the synergy of their efforts, their common goal is to facilitate collaboration and the exchange of knowledge, ultimately benefiting the entire Web3 community.

In preparation for this pivotal event, OPL and Sei embarked on a journey dedicated to cultivating a thriving global GameFi, SocialFi, and AI+Web3 ecosystems. This journey was marked by several pivotal milestones:

AI+Web3 Pitch Competition

In June 2023, the AI+Web3 Pitch Competition kicked off, providing a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas. Before the competition commenced, a series of exclusive workshops led by industry professionals empowered participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the Web3 space. Over 300 participants from around the world sharpened their skills during these workshops.

Hybrid Hackathon

OnePiece Labs and Sei organized a thrilling 3-day hybrid hackathon, where the brightest minds from around the world came together, both online and offline, to compete for over $200,000 in cash and prizes. This hackathon provided a unique opportunity for developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to network, learn from experts, and showcase their skills. The event was divided into three tracks: GameFi, SocialFi, and AI+Web3, with all projects required to be deployed on the Sei blockchain. More than 150 teams participated in this intensive competition.

Hybrid Incubator Program

Breaking from the conventional approach of group lectures, OnePiece Labs (OPL) and Sei Labs have crafted a 10-week intensive incubator program that puts individual mentorship at its core. This program is finely tuned to fast-track promising projects in the GameFi, SocialFi, and AI+Web3 realms. Drawing from a pool of seasoned mentors from organizations like Sei, Galxe, Animoca Brands, Fenwick, OKX, Coinbase, and Decrypt Media, startups receive dedicated guidance tailored to their unique business challenges.

During the program, founders enjoy private meetings with specialized mentors, experts in their respective fields. Simultaneously, OPL partners lead each team, providing strategic insights and resources informed by their understanding of the project's business. These personalized interactions prove pivotal in keeping projects on track toward their goals. Alongside this intensive mentorship, OPL and the Sei team host engaging social events that foster connections and collaborations within the vibrant Web3 community.

The apex of this incubator journey is OPL's Demo Day, where founders present their projects to a diverse audience of investors and experts. Post-presentation, efficient matchmaking sessions connect founders with potential investors, elevating opportunities for essential backing and mentorship. In this incubator program, 11 startups from around the globe converge, representing a rich tapestry of global innovation and ambition.

The Pioneering Startups

The tireless dedication of these incubatees has yielded remarkable progress, with notable achievements under their belts. For instance, vDEX and Kawa are currently in the process of securing additional investments from a few notable web3 funds, a testament to their compelling visions and hard work. One of the key milestones for these startups has been their deployment on the Sei ecosystem, a move that has significantly bolstered their visibility and traction within the blockchain space.

The incubation program has provided invaluable opportunities for these projects. It has facilitated critical connections, unlocked funding prospects, nurtured project development through access to vital resources, attracted top-notch professionals to their teams, honed their pitching skills, and guided them through the various stages of product development, enabling continuous improvement.

The OPL x Sei Demo Day serves as the grand culmination of months of relentless effort and collaborative spirit. It is the moment where 11 trailblazing startups emerge from the shadows to shine a spotlight on their groundbreaking innovations. These startups, meticulously nurtured through the OnePiece Labs x Sei Incubator Batch #3, occupy pivotal positions within the Sei ecosystem.

Let's delve deeper into the world of these transformative startups:

  • Vdex: This high-performance derivative DEX is disrupting the crypto world with its innovative swaps, perpetual futures (perps), and brand-new perpetual options.
  • Kawa Protocol Ltd: Revolutionizing cross-chain borrowing and lending with a focus on security and seamless asset movement across diverse blockchains.
  • EPAL: Connecting gamers and creators for an interactive GameFi experience, unlocking Web3's potential and offering a rewarding environment for community growth.
  • Yaka Finance: A pioneering DEX powered by Sei Blockchain's native protocol, featuring a Self-Optimizing Liquidity Flywheel that minimizes slippage, reduces fees, and rewards traders, liquidity providers, and voters.
  • Nitro: The pioneer Layer 2 scaling solution for Solana, bridging Solana and Cosmos, introducing modular scalability with SVM rollups.
  • Corner Market: An innovative Web3 shopping and payment platform on the BNB Chain and Polygon networks, addressing challenges faced by small businesses and providing a secure, seamless shopping experience.
  • Analogia AI: Building a Web3-native AI and Data layer for decentralized protocols, empowering personalization, recommendations, and more in Web3.
  • Crown Finance: Revolutionizing the AMM space on SEI with concentrated liquidity, offering higher capital efficiency, reduced slippage, and permissionless pools.
  • Network3: A groundbreaking project revolutionizing internet interaction through a decentralized network transmission protocol using blockchain for secure, private, and efficient connectivity.
  • Indicator Lab: Building a trustworthy, rewardable, and two-sided oracle for investment-related applications, curated by AI, addressing data quality and evaluation issues in the AD market.
  • Astromint: A stablecoin issuer that has solved the stablecoin trilemma in a novel way, offering AstroUSD as a redeemable, decentralized, capital-efficient, and overcollateralized stable.

These startups represent the vanguard of Web3 innovation, and their journey is a testament to the collaborative spirit and dedication fostered by OnePiece Labs and Sei's incubation program.

About OnePiece Labs

OnePiece Labs is not just an incubator; it's a community dedicated to fostering innovation in the Web3 space. Founded by seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, OPL provides startups with networking opportunities, mentorship, and valuable resources for success. Over the past year, OPL has collaborated with industry leaders and various communities to build and strengthen the Web3 ecosystem collectively.

In the last 18 months, OnePiece Labs has:

  • Invested in 12 early-stage startups.
  • Organized 3 incubator programs, including the latest one co-hosted with Sei.
  • Hosted 3 hackathons in collaboration with Algorand, OKX, and Google Cloud.
  • Held 8 afterparties at prominent events like Stanford Blockchain Conference, ETH Denver, Consensus, GDC, and DCMiami, Permissionless.
  • Managed and co-hosted 152 community events and workshops.
  • Welcomed over 15,000 community members to online and offline events.

About Sei

Sei is not your average Layer 1 blockchain; it's a specialized platform designed for trading apps. With a strong focus on decentralization, scalability, and capital efficiency, Sei addresses the challenges faced by trading apps on Layer 1 blockchains. The Sei ecosystem, supported by the Sei Foundation, has raised significant funding and is home to numerous projects building on its robust infrastructure. Sei's unique features, such as its native order-matching engine and Twin Turbo consensus, make it a top choice for trading apps of all types. The recent successful transition of Sei's mainnet and the active trading of the SEI token on major exchanges have solidified its position in the crypto space.

Sei's accomplishments in numbers:

  • Raised $30 million in funding.
  • Boasts a $120 million ecosystem fund.
  • Over 150 projects are being built on the Sei testnet.
  • Achieved lower bound time to finality of 300ms.
  • Utilizes market-based parallelization for scalability.
  • Supports order batching to prevent frontrunning.
  • Launched on August 16, 2023, with SEI token trading volume exceeding $1 billion.

Join the OPL x Sei Demo Day for the grand finale of 10-week intensive Web3 incubator program, featuring 11 startups in GameFi, SocialFi, and Web3+AI. Witness the future of Web3 innovation! RSVP now and be part of this exciting event on November 6, 2023, at 5:30 pm PT (8:30 pm ET, and November 7th, 2023, 9:30 am BJT)!  Click here to RSVP.